Indonesian Protein Society

The President of the Indonesia Protein Society’s speech

The President of the Indonesia Protein Society’s speech

DSC00033Optimizing potential natural resources  of Indonesia as a producer of protein is still has some lacks, that is including the potential of new protein produced by a new reaction mechanism. Until the day, the development of  protein engineering in Indonesia has many limitations and challenges and of course still faced by the researchers in this field. Limitations owned facilities as well as less than optimal utilization of the areas of protein engineering support such as biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, bioinformatics and computational factors that inhibit the development of the field of protein in Indonesia. One important strategy to overcome the limitations is to increase collaboration between several disciplines at national or international level at the institute/institutes/ research group that focuses on research-based protein. Therefore, IPS is committed to constantly improving international collaboration with international professional associations, the Indonesian Protein Society (IPS) has affiliated as a member of the Asia Pacific Protein Accosiation (APPA) in 2011 opened the IPS to be able to contribute at the international level.

Indonesian Protein Society is proud to provide an appropriate platform for discussion and information transfer of current researches achievements, new technological innovation, and practical application in all related field of protein through the triennial event of international seminar. To address the approaches in successful handling of complex challenges, the theme of this seminar is kept as “Connecting Innovation in Protein Sciences and Technologies”

Therefore, IPS as a professional organization that represents lecturers, researchers and observers in the field of protein will work closely with the Center for Development of Advanced Sciences and Technology (CDAST), Jember University and the Project Implementation Unit of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) conducted an international seminar and workshop with the aims at providing a forum for presentation and discussion of the current and new developments in protein engineering and technology along with dissemination of relevant information among scientists, engineers, technologists and other professionals coming from different countries.

You are cordially invited to attend the the 4th International Seminar and Workshop of IPS 2017 joint Conference our participation will ensure this goal is achieved.


Prof. Tri Agus Siswoyo


The President of the Indonesia Protein Society